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#FiveThings: Places

Wow, it’s been a long time since I last took part in Five Things. Again, it’s a meme I’ve been aiming to keep up with; it’s just something that falls off my radar every now and again. The cue for this week, however – favourite places – was certainly something that rang a bell for me.

Before I go deaf like Quasimodo, let’s do the meme.

I’m tempted to put my blog down as one of my favourite places, but I’m not sure if you can count this as a place! Anyway, I’ve chosen to categorise these, so here are:

1) My favourite place to holiday is…

The city of Bath. I’m not quite sure why I like Bath so much; I have no connection there via friends or family, but I always feel at home there. It’s a beautiful city, there’s always lots going on, easy to get around (because it’s so small!), and I’ve both visited and even worked there a fair few times. I keep wanting to go back and even made a special trip there once just so I could visit the thermae.

I was once fully intending to move to Bath as soon as I could. Sometimes I wonder what happened to that plan….

2) My favourite place to eat is…

Anywhere, obviously, and I’m very fond of eating at my desk. I have a few favourite restaurants – the Italian place at Victoria Station, The Diner in Camden (where I once spent a lonely hour eating dinner alone in the middle of Eroticon), the local Indian my uncle seems to keep in business by himself – but my favourite place to get food is the tiny eaterie just around the corner from me called La Baguette. It’s not really anything more than a sandwich shop – it has tables, so looks like a café, but I’ve rarely ever sat there. However, I am a simple ho, and can’t ever resist one of their sandwiches, so although that’s not my favourite place to eat food, it’s my favourite place to get it.

And now I’m going to need to go there for lunch, aren’t I?

3) My favourite place to read is…

In my parents’ lounge. Their place, SH, is lovely. It’s small, well-kept, warm, and – importantly – quiet. Despite the fact that it’s only a street away from the last house they had (the on I grew up in), it’s still much more peaceful. There you can’t hear the shrieks and cries from the local primary school, nor can you detect the rumble of the big A-road that goes through our London borough (you can hear it from here – we’re right next to it!). Sitting in a comfy chair in their quiet, warm room is the perfect place to get lost in a book, or indulge in some handheld gaming… as long as my dad doesn’t have the TV on.

4) My favourite place to masturbate is…

In my computer chair.

This is how I learned to masturbate, at university in front of my computer. I don’t often need a lot of stimulus to get hard (although it takes me a while to get off!), but I find that – rather than using it to help – I’m using visual media to enjoy masturbation more. I can get into a situation or story easily enough, but there’s only so much actively engagement I can take! People have used their talent in acting or writing or directing or… whatever… to make arousing media, which I’ve paid money for, so why not enjoy it!

I can also masturbate lying down, or sitting on the toilet, but I don’t find those as easy (in fact, my back pain and disability mean that I can’t lie supine for very long). My computer chair is comfortable (enough – although I need a new one!), and because it’s what I’m used to, it’s what works best for me.

Not that I haven’t masturbated elsewhere, of course!

5) My favourite place to be is…

Part of the cue and I genuinely don’t have an answer to this.

I like to be with my friends and really miss the weekly pizza-and-movie nights we used to have. I don’t mind where we are, to be frank… it’s just that I like to be with them! That’s where home is, right? With the people you love?

Let me know your favourite places. I’ve been inspired by this!

Five Things


  1. Mrs Fever

    I like the way you’ve categorized your answers.

    My favorite places would have to include {1} my favorite place to sleep = in my own bed when the sheets are freshly laundered, {2} my favorite place to read = in my living room on my memory foam reclining chair (with a fire on in the winter months), and my favorite imaginary place = The Discworld.

    I don’t really have a favorite vacation spot or favorite restaurant. I do, however, have a favorite secondhand store and a favorite book shop. I also have a favorite hiking trail, a favorite seat choice when flying, a favorite ice cream store in the town I grew up in, and a favorite place to sit in the sun. 🙂

    • Innocent Loverboy

      I used to have a favourite book shop, but it’s closed now. Waterstone’s – the biggest book chain in this country, if not the world – has a local branch near where I live, and I used to work for the company (if not in that branch), so I tend to buy books there. I’m also fond of second-hand goods, but I’ll tend to go to a charity shop for those.

      My favourite place to hike (if you can call it that) is a path through the woods in Epping Forest. There’s a special walk that I do there, once a year, with my Woodcaft district. It ends up at a camp site I know… which is my favourite place to camp!

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