Settle something for me, gentle readers.

There were doubtful murmurs at work yesterday when I mentioned that there was something inherently sexual about a belly button.

“It’s just a dip in your tummy,” said one colleague.
“There’s nothing really sexy about it,” said another.
“It’s not like boobs, or a bum,” said a third.

“But it’s what’s left of your umbilical cord tied into a knot,” I pointed out. “There’s a link to the maternal womb there. And you’re born as the result of sex, so there’s a clear link there.”

Colleague #2 recovered first.

“That’s all well and good, but that doesn’t really scream ‘sexy’ to me.”

My mental Rolodex started flipping at this point. How do I answer this without revealing too much? Do I mention that porn actors shave their midriffs so as to accentuate the smooth areas around their belly buttons? Maybe that I know more than one person from the sex blogging world that has admitted to masturbating themselves to sleep thinking of a belly button?

What about people who get a piercing there? I know lots of people who have – mainly cis women, but not only. Isn’t the point of that to show it off a little?

Krista Allen as Emmanuelle in "Emmanuelle: Concealed Fantasy" (1994). Her belly button is in shot.
Krista Allen has a wonderful belly button and never hides it.

And what about models? Don’t they often show their midriff during their work?

“A belly button is the central point of a person’s body,” I settled on. “Lots of people use their midsection to be sexually attractive. Models do it and actors do it – we’ve all seen David Gandy topless…”

Some of my colleagues started looking into middle distance at this point.

“…and belly dancers do it as a part of their routine. Shakira shows hers all the time.”
“You’ve got a point there.”

“I’m still not convinced,” said Colleague #1. “Maybe it’s one of these things that I’m just not seeing.”
“Or maybe that’s just ILB,” said Colleaque #3.

Well? Is it just me, gentle readers?