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I’m Innocent Loverboy (or “ILB” if you want to conserve precious keystrokes). I’m a cisgender, straight male blogger, currently in my 30s. I’ve always been interested in love and sex, and as some sort of excuse, have been writing a blog about the subject for more than a decade.

2022 is my fifteenth year of sex blogging. You may know me from my old blog on Blogger, which is still in situ and where you’ll find my first twelve years’ worth of content (sit back and enjoy!). There are a lot of cyclical backlinks on both blogs, which serve to kind of tie everything together. Is the aim, anyway.

Since starting my blog, I’ve been featured in publications such as Metro, Glamour, ES Magazine, and have won a place on lists of top 100 sex blogs from 2009 to 2021! You’ll also find some of my writing on and KinkCraft. I’ve also been found at Eroticon, Erotica UK, Sexpo and erotica readings around London.

Unlike a lot of other sex blogs, you won’t find many sex toy reviews on this blog. There also isn’t a heavy focus on BD/SM, polyamory, kink or power dynamics. I am relatively vanilla, and monogamous, although fascinated by sex and sexuality, and I’ll discuss anything.

Young man with short black hair and blue eyes on an orange background.
Me at 25, by Boots McGoot.

There also isn’t any photography on this blog. I have a lot of self-image issues.

My interests include literature (of all kinds), music (of all kinds), video games (mostly Nintendo), musical theatre, and softcore porn.

I am engaged to Eurovision blogger Jill Sleight; I also have several groups of friends and acquaintances and I have a very large family. You may see some of them mentioned on the blog, with pseudonyms.

Possibly a bit of a geek. Possibly.