Congratulations, you’ve found my about page! Didn’t clicking on that button feel good?

I’m Innocent Loverboy (or “ILB” if you want to conserve precious keystrokes). You may know me from my old blog on Blogger, where you’ll find twelve years’ worth of content (sit back and enjoy!).

I’m a cisgender, straight male blogger, currently in my 30s. I’ve always been interested in love and sex, and as some sort of excuse, have been writing a blog on the subject for more than a decade.

My interests include literature of all kinds, music of all kinds, video games (mostly Nintendo, although I’ve also played PC games), musical theatre, and softcore porn. My girlfriend is the former blogger Jill Sleight; I’ve also been found at Eroticon, Erotica UK, Sexpo and erotica readings around London.

Possibly a bit of a geek. Possibly.