Rowdy Barber: “So, yeah, basically, that was one of the girls I fucked.”
Barber’s Rowdy Friend: “One from the college?”
RB: “Yeah, one from the college. I never had any trouble from them girls I fucked.”
BRF: “For real?”
RB: “Yeah, ’cause I fucked them, y’know? They wanted it and they got fucked by me, right?”

[RB reaches for the weird watery spray that barbers use for no conceivable purpose. He sprays it a few times in the vague direction of ILB’s hair.]

BRF: “What about all them girls you didn’t fuck?”
RB: “Ah, man. I had loads of problems from the ones I didn’t fuck. It’s the ones I didn’t fuck that I had all the problems with, man.”

[RB downs tools and towels ILB off.]

RB: “Can I give you a hot towel, blud?”
ILB: [politely] “Yes, please.”
RB: “What say you, anyway, my friend? You had any problems with girls you didn’t fuck?”
ILB: [politely] “No, not really. I’ve got a question about your stories, though.”
RB: “Oh, yeah? What is it?”
ILB: [politely] “Do you remember any of their names?”


RB: “…”
BRF: “…”

I wonder why he gave me a discount.